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We use a Tier-Based Learning System:

Tier #1: This is a Prerequisite course: Stress Mitigation Training (SMT). Why this course? Most people aren’t aware of the energetic and vital language spoken between their heart, brain, and body. Without understanding this dynamic, eliminating stress and creating balance and coherence in the brain, heart, and body is merely a pipe-dream. This course teaches you how to access this energetic language.

Tier #2: Life Beyond Stress (LBS). Life Beyond Stress begins with learning ‘Planning and Problem Solving’ skills. Most people are poor planners and problem solvers, so their stress level continues to build and becomes overwhelming at times. When we lack these basic skills our life can very quickly spin out of balance and accelerate the deterioration of our energetic field and the vital language spoken between the brain, heart, and body.

Tier #3: Life Beyond Stressful Foods. (LBSF). In modern life, food is taken for granted! Food is medicinal. This course teaches why we need the “90 essential nutrients” for maintaining optimum health for the brain, heart, and body. These 90 essential nutrients are the keys to sustained health. However, the average person only gets between 30 to 46 essential nutrients everyday. That’s not enough to create and sustain optimal health and well-being. Lets look at what’s needed: 60 essential minerals, 16 essential vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids. “Essential” means your body does not, and can not, produce them; they most come from outside sources of food. Without these ‘90 essential’ nutrients - illnesses and life-long ailments are guaranteed.

Tier #4: DNA, RNA, & Chromosomes. Why this course? Your DNA, RNA, & Chromosomes are the essential forces of human life. In Tier’s 1, 2, & 3, we developed a solid foundation for creating and sustaining optimum health and wellness. Now it’s time to expand and include how human consciousness speaks directly to your DNA, RNA, and Chromosomes every second of every minute! This is a remarkable and enlightening course. Our ability to “Change” begins here with our DNA, RNA, and Chromosomes.

Tier #5: Sustaining Your ReSet. Continuing to build on Tier’s 1-4, we add the “Four Pillars of Change” which energize and sustain our growth: QMeditation, QVisualization, QContemplation, & QValidation. These are direct and personal links to the ‘Quantum Field.’ Our ‘ReSet’ and ‘Reboot’ is dependent on our intentional inter-phase with these powerful Pillars. Moreover, we also review six (6) best practices for Change: (1.) The Psychological Model; (2.) The Biological Model; (3.) The Neuroscience Model; (4.) The Quantum Model; (5.) The Yogic Model; and (6.) The Esoteric Model. These Models serve as ‘power boosters’…

Tier #6: Ascending the Matrix. The five (5) prior Tiers prepared you for taking this next step along your epic human journey to freedom. Now you’re ready to climb the mountain of Self-Knowledge and God-Realization. Here, we Ascend the two tier Matrix Control System and finally gain our true spiritual freedom, our soul’s liberation, and become ONE with the Source of all Creation.

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