Who are we?

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Spiritual Ascension is an individual journey that moves along at one’s own pace. However, we’ve developed Programs which combine both the Science of Change and the Esoteric Teachings of of Sant Mat (an ancient/modern spiritual path) to accelerate your inherent spiritual nature.

Our Programs are designed to create a new Paradigm shift in your life.

The Founder/President & CEO of The Conscious World Initiative (TCWI) is Raymond Q. Holmes.  Raymond has over 44 years of self-development experience. He practices meditation, continuous self-development, and the esoteric teachings of Sant Mat (the Surat Shabd Yoga). Raymond also has 40 years of Federal government service, he spent 12 years in the US military, and was the first President of the Paralegal Alumni Association at the University of Maryland, University College, College Park, Maryland.

Mrs. Deborah T. Bennett - serves as the TCWI Vice President.  She’s the Founder/Director of Heal Me Institute and has over 30 years of personal experience practicing meditation, doing self-development work, teaching modern dance, and 25 years experience teaching 200-hour & 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Deborah has developed Yoga Teacher Training for Virginia Community Colleges and Universities, and studies the esoteric teachings of the Surat Shabd Yoga.

Together, Raymond and Deborah offer a innovative nonprofit platform which is forward-leaning, forward-thinking, compassionate-centered, and provides education to a growing community of people who are ready for spiritual Ascension, dynamic personal development, stress mitigation, and/or yoga teacher training. It’s here that we learn to ‘walk the walk’...    


The Backstory

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Our Programs are designed to create a new Paradigm Shift in your life.

We understand it’s not enough to simply say - this is what you must do to change and evolve! We lead by example! We help our students learn meditation, accomplish a ‘ReSet’ and ‘Reboot’ to their personal lives, expand their perceptions of human life, and teach them how to navigate the ups and downs of daily life. It’s our belief that a lifestyle built on intentional spiritual growth, compassion, and service to others, is a life which flourishes physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We begin with our Prerequisite course: Stress Mitigation Training (SMT)

See our Program’s Page for more information.

We see the emergence of a new Golden Age a ‘Great Awakening’ where human life can be joyous, fulfilling, and filled with happiness, wonder, and excitement. 

Let’s build a Conscious World together. 

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