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“This course is not Closed.” Check back here mid-summer for our next course.

Ascending Life Beyond the Matrix – Washington, DC. Our focus is on integrating the methodologies that support Dynamic Personal Development (DPD) and expanding our perceptions of human life while going through a spiritual Ascension process. Our intention is to address those personal blockages and imbalances that bind us to a two (2) Matrix Consciousness Control Systems. We meet twice a month and tuition is $20 per person per session. We are sponsored by the TCWI non-profit; therefore your tuition payments are tax deductible. We are conveniently split into two (2) separate groups:

Group #1 meets the 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month from 7-9pm.

Group #2 meets the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month from 7-9pm.

Meet us at 777 – 6th Street, Northwest, DC 20001 – we first gathering in the Lobby.

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60 Minute

Stress Mitigation Sessions

Stress is grossly misunderstood and can be quite deadly!!

The cure for stress is simple and instant. You’ll learn how to cure stress in just eight (8) minutes. Without curing stress, aging accelerates, vital organs break-down and wear-out. Stress related illnesses emerge easily, and death comes prematurely. I’ll teach you the cure in less than 10 minutes, which will change your life forever…

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