Stress Mitigation Training

Tier #1: Stress Mitigation Training (SMT)

Tier 1-A: 60 Minute Session

Tier 1-B: 90 Minute Session.

Tier 1-A is offered the 2nd Monday of each month 12pm -1:00pm.

Tier 1-B is offered the 4th Thursday of each month 7pm-8:30pm and is a “Zoom” enabled meeting.

We meet at 777 – 6th Street, Northwest, DC 20001 – and gathering in the Lobby.

Pay $10 to $20 slicing scale donation method

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60 or 90 Minutes

Stress is grossly misunderstood and can be quite deadly!!

The cure for stress is simple and instant. You’ll learn how to cure stress in just eight (8) minutes. Without curing stress, aging accelerates, vital organs break-down. Stress related illnesses emerge easily, and death comes prematurely. You’ll learn to cure stress in less than 8 minutes, and change your life forever…

Go to “Event Registration” these sessions are taught on-demand, so send us an email: